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MEP Films since inception in 1985 have always been the innovators and one of the primary reasons is our proud associations with our window film manufacturer partners. We invite our customers to view ‘what’s in the warehouse at MEP Films’, in this section.

   LLumar Logo

Experience your world in a whole new way.
Home, Automotive & Commercial Window Films. 
Read more about the LLumar range of Automotive, Home and Commercial window films including Enerlogic.  

Madico Logo

Save energy, increase comfort and improve aesthetics of your home or building with
Madico window films. 
Read more about the Madico range of window films including Automotive, Architectural,
Safety and Security, Solutions Series and Technical Resources. 


The World’s Finest Solar Window Film. Blocks up to 99% UV rays.
Read more about the SUN-GARD range of Automotive, Architectural and Safety and
Security Films.


Tools & Accessories   

MEP Films offer a vast range of essential tools and accessories from squeegees
to edge tape and even glass cleaner.
Read more.
Need to order some equipment?  
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Vinyl Films

Perfect for computer cut designs for internal/external work, as signage, for design
or decoration, to make a statement or simply for privacy. There's no limit to what
you can do with Vinyl film.
Read more.
Take a look through our Creative Films gallery to check out the various applications.

For more information, to make an enquiry or to place an order, contact us.


About Window Film

For more detailed information about Window Film, it’s application and the solutions it provides...

Did you know:

- Where some films can be applied to cars, homes, offices/buildings, we now have a range that can even be applied to doors and walls? Check out Creative Films

- Window film dramatically reduces heat, glare and UV entering through windows?

- It can dramatically decrease the chance of your carpet and furniture fading?

- It can be used for solar protection, safety and privacy, and even to brighten up or decorate a room?

MEP Films provide a complete range of window film solutions for commercial, residential and automotive for both new or retrofit applications. Our experienced team can work with you to recommend the most suitable film to suit your application. 

Car Window Tinting

MEP Films can enhance a vehicle's appearance, provide a more comfortable interior and offer valuable protection.

MEP Films automotive window tints are engineered to enhance a vehicle's appearance, provide performance and protection. MEP Films reputation is known for the quality, colour stability, and patented scratch-resistant coating of window tints, plus they’re durable and virtually maintenance free.

Here are just some of the benefits that window tint can provide:

  • Enjoy heat and UV rejection while driving
  • Experience reduced glare through windows
  • Keep your valuables safe and secure
  • Boost your car’s re-sale value
  • Looks great on the outside and keeps passengers comfortable on the inside

Home Window Tinting

The home is usually the largest investment. MEP Films can help protect that investment by giving control over the things that matter most. MEP Films window film, professionally installed, will greatly enhance the energy efficiency, look, and functionality of the home windows. This translates into lower utility bills, improve comfort, added privacy, improved looks, and greater protection against the unexpected.

Solar Window Films

Windows are an important part of any home, from the light they let in, to the views they reveal. However, they also create a host of problems ranging from excessive glare, heat build-up, high energy costs and potentially premature fading of carpets, curtains, furniture and floor coverings. MEP Films can help you control these problems while providing increased comfort and lower overall energy costs. 

Low-reflective Films

The 'Night Series' range of window films cut down internal reflection to deliver sensational views night and day. Imagine having a panoramic view of the city, hills or the water and not be able to see it clearly at night. One of the shortcomings with traditional solar films is internal reflection, particularly at night. For those inside looking out, the window becomes a mirror, reflecting your image and that of the furniture, distorting the view. Night Series delivers on reducing heat loss and gain and UV glare.

Safety & Security Films

Made with thick, heavy-duty polyester bonded by the industry's strongest adhesives, MEP Films Safety and Security films provide a clear, yet powerful barrier that holds glass in place in the event of impact or earthquake! Although this barrier protects against the damaging effects of flying shattered glass, it also makes it much more difficult for an intruder to smash through the windows quickly. 

Decorative & Designer Films

The versatility of these frosted and opaque window films shown on this site are not standard designs, simply in-house designs to show what is possible and of course, are not limited to these examples. Interior glass can be transformed into exciting and practical works of art with decorative and design applications. The effects achieved are limited only by the imagination.

Anti-Graffiti Film

These specially designed films, almost invisible once installed, provide a removable, sacrificial surface that can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive glass or other surface replacement. A single replacement of just one window can easily exceed ten or twenty times the cost of film installation. Anti-Graffiti films are ideal for use in houses, shops, and high traffic areas including buses and trains. 


Click here to see the specifications of our range of window films.  

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or simply need more information or assistance, please contact us.


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