Frequently Asked Questions

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What does MEP Films offer?

MEP Films offer the largest range of protective films in Australasia, primarily for retrofit to glass. Most are intended for application to glass surfaces and are made from the highest quality, optically clear polyester films, treated, coated and laminated in various ways through vacuum metalising, sputtering coating, chemical dyeing or pigmentation. Special adhesives and scratch-resistant coatings make the films extremely durable and bond well to glass and other materials. Over 100 unique films are used for automotive, architectural, and residential applications to control the sun's heat, glare, and ultraviolet light, or provide colour and patterned decoration. Our most exclusive and highest performing is Enerlogic. Others films are used to make glass safer and more secure, and there is also a sacrificial film, we call anti-graffiti film that can help save the costs of expensive glass replacement should vandals attack glass surfaces.

How do Safety & Security films work?

In both automotive and architectural applications, the film, which is available in a variety of thicknesses, clear of tinted, is generally applied to the interior of the glass, although specialised exterior films are available. In the event of an impact or explosion, the film serves to reduce the likelihood of glass breakage, but where shattering does occur the film firmly hold the pieces glass together preventing life threatening injury. These films have an exceptionally strong, energy-absorbing mounting adhesive, and are composed of polyester film layers that are extremely high in tensile strength and break strength.

How much UV will a window film provide?

In both automotive and architectural applications, solar films can reduce harmful ultraviolet rays by up to 99.9%, depending on the specific film. Many films will dramatically reduce glare by over 90% and some films reduce solar heat gain by up to 77%.

Will film distort my view when I look out the window?

Professionally installed films by MEP Films are virtually undetectable. There is a curing period after the installation however clarity after this short period will be expected to be optically clear. Most architectural films are bonded to the glass with a special mounting adhesive called "CDF," meaning "clear, distortion-free." Most users will agree that optimum visual acuity is often increased with our film because glare is reduced, greatly reducing eyestrain.

I often see purple bubbling window film on cars.  Does all film do this?

Purple bubbling film is a sign of a very low grade window film, where the mounting adhesive and dye components have broken down. MEP Films are warranted against this, using more stable and advanced dye chemicals and/or permanent metal layers that do not discolor over time. HPR adhesive is known world-wide for its strength, durability, and optical clarity. Paradoxically, it seems that only poor quality films are noticed, and high quality, professional installations go unnoticed, perceived as mere 'factory-tinted glass'. All MEP Films come with a factory-backed warranty when installed by an authorised dealer.

Do window films require special care?

Yes, you need to take care but it's generally common sense. While not quite as hard as glass, our films are extremely scratch-resistant and may be cleaned with some common household cleaners, non-abrasive paper towels, or cotton cleaning cloths. Caution should be exercised to prevent against using solutions that are ammonia based, and care should be taken by not using abrasive cloths or scouring pads.

How much do the automotive films cost?

The cost of solar or security films will vary with the quality in the range which may be dependent on thickness, performance of the film, plus the size of the vehicle, and in some instances the location of the customer. Your selected dealer will provide you with an estimate at no charge, or you can contact us for information as to where your nearest dealer may be.

I've seen DIY window film.  Can I install window film myself?

MEP Films must be installed by a professional installer using highly specialised equipment and techniques. Failure to do this may result in the forfeit of the films warranty. Some of our films come with a lifetime warranty.

Where can I get MEP Films products?

MEP Films are the Australasian distributors for LLumar films, Madico and SUN-GARD Films plus other major brands, plus we supply to over 500 businesses. Use our 'Find an Installer' service within this website to find your nearest retailer or contact us.